Monday, December 16, 2013



             Last month New Design High School held its annual Newspaper Fashion Show. A small group of students began the tradition in 2007. During the show students walk down the runway wearing outfits made out recycled materials: mostly newspaper and tape. Students compete with each other in front of a group of judges based on categories such as “best walk” or “most creative” etc., and model outfits made by themselves or their friends.
       The host, our own Michael Casiano, charmed the crowd with his colorful commentaries and Victoria Ruiz, a senior was, like always, a big highlight of this year’s show. She entertained the audience with her charismatic personality, her many expressions, her walk and an amazing newspaper outfit. Anthony Sierra and Ana Quiroz also stole the show this year with their "Alison and wonder land" theme. The pair wore stunning matching outfits and had perfectly styled. The pair won best in show. Last but not least, Donis Almanzar’s paper outfit left the crowd amazed with his piece inspired by the designer Givenchy. The outfit was voted best in menswear.
        This year’s judges included real industry insiders. We had Magen Tou of Bonton brands, Katie Hart of Free People , costume designer Kate Cusak, Lana Russo of Glamour , Steven Dool of PR agency and finally our own Dr. Scott Conti principal of New Design High School. Students are also given a grade in their design class for participating in show.
       Our winners came all from different grades and were awarded in different categories.
Best in Show, as already mentioned, went to Anthony Sierra and Ana Quiroz. Best Menswear was awarded to Donis Almanzar and Best Accessories and Styling went Emmanuel Campana. Most Entertaining went to Andrew Arce; Ann Christine Velazquez won Best Use of Color and Pattern while Alexa Garcia won most wearable.

                                                              Victoria Ruiz

                                 Celine Gil, Donis Almanzar and Sierra Ramos 

Anthony Sierra and Ana Quiroz 

Emmanuel Capana and Nicolle Minaya

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