Monday, February 13, 2012

Tribeca Film Festival Here We Come

These Streets Are Our Home: Rough Cut Trailer from Mediastorm New Design on Vimeo.

Check out some of the beginning movie trailers coming out of our upper grade level documentary filmmaking course.  The class, Mediastorm, explores "silences" that exist in our society.  Students in production teams are making short documentaries that focus on bringing attention to a critical issue facing New York City and the larger world outside of the city.  Students are learning all aspects of the filmmaking process including proposal writing, marketing, filming, editing, sound production and research.

Above is raw footage interview from Wicked Kid Production Team's film These Streets Are Our Home.  The film explores teen homelessness and the shelter system in New York City.  The clip is of New Design High's own 12th grader Emmanual who lived in the shelter in New York City.  

Below, is K-Bob Production teams interview with 12th grader Bobbi.  Bobbi explores the life of Bobbi Barker and her experiences in the juvenile justice system.  The film is focused on telling the story of youth incarcerated in our city. 

Bobbi Trailer Draft from Mediastorm New Design on Vimeo.

The Mediastorm films will premiering this spring and will be entered into film festivals all over the country.  To find out more about the class please check out the Mediastorm Class Blog.