Tuesday, October 24, 2006


New Design was in full force on Broadway as the opening act for 24 Hour Plays. Working Playground hosted the event which brought out stars like David Cross, Rosie Perez, and Jennifer Anniston to perform in short dramatic vignettes. Marcus and Meagan performed their spoken word pieces entiled, The Future, in front of 700 people in the American Airlines theatre. Principal Scott Conti was present and looking sharp in his Armani Suit and Sweater Outfit at this dress to impress event.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


NDHS went uptown to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum's TEEN DESIGN FAIR. Our fashion students had the opportunity to meet with famous designers like ISAAC MIZRAHI at the event and create buttons and bags. We had a great time sampling the fantastic food and sodas at the event too!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Noel Williams and Sharif James are the featured artists this month in the 418 Gallery. Noel spent the summer at the Rhode Island School of Design studying Fine Art. The work in the show demonstrates her mastery of the graphic shape and line. Of note are her figures in multiple colors. Sharif''s work deals directly with permutations in form. After his summer at Cornell's Summer College Program for Architecture, Sharif has become quite adept at thinking in space. His architectural models show his play with light and form. Visit the gallery to see the artists' work and statements this fall. Thank you to Working Playground, Open Road, and the support of many friends and faculty for making this experience possible for Noel and Sharif.


The Year Four students traveled to Wired's NEXTFEST at the Javits Center. Jean Rho, our Year Four Design teacher, took students to see the what is NEXT in PLAY, HEALTH, COMMUNICATION, EXPLORATION, and SECURITY. In Design class students are currently creating innovative products that will benefit a specific community. Jean took photos to show all her students the creative visions of the future and their design concepts. Students are researching how to brainstorm ideas, create prototypes, and market a product to a target audience. Look for the final design mock-ups in November!


This year all our NDHS students had the opportunity to spend two days at RAMAPO Outdoor Education Center in upstate New York. Students experienced team work exercises on the challenging LOW ROPES. After these small challenges, the HIGH ROPES were next. After being strapped in, students faced their fears at twenty feet above the ground. They conquered rope swings, walked across logs, or were slingshotted in the air. At night we went on a great night hike and then had smores by the campfire in the woods. After two fun-filled days and one night of little to no sleep, we returned to the city and NDHS ready to conquer New York.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Giant Comic Day was on Friday the 13th. Students worked in teams to create four by seven foot comics. Over twenty teams competed this year. Prizes weer given for best Friday the 13th theme, Most Humorous, and Most Creative. A guest professional illustrator was one of the main judges, Gene Romero! Faculty and students judged the other winners. Thank you to all the students that participated this year. A special thanks to the Design Department for putting the whole show together. Next up is 'Graphix: The Coveted Cover'.