Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Apple-SoHo Internship

As many of you know, during our mid-winter recess we kicked off our 12- week internship program at Apple SoHo. Our 6 fantastic Junior internswere greeted with Apple's signature warm welcome at the morning huddle and soon thereafter, they began their first day of core training. I look forward to reporting back on their progress very soon!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mtume Gant and the Turntable Technicians perform with the Music Production Afterschool Club to rock the house at the Labor of Love MIX

Mtume has done it again with production crew. The grand finale rocked the house at the MIX show for Labor of Love.

QUEEN GODDESS performs at Labor of Love

Spoken Word Artist, Queen Goddess, performed as a special guest at the Labor of Love MIX!

FAUXBIA at MIX Labor of Love Show!

Ali and Dawn performed with their group FAUXBIA at the Labor of Love Show!

Ginga Mundo Capoeira: New Design Labor of Love

Labor of Love opened with our amazing Capoeira Arts program! Professor Lampreia and students of Ginga Mundo helped support and raise awareness about the art and history of Capoeira. Students from New Design High School, Essex Street Academy and Bronx International High School celebrated their love of the Brazilian martial art by performing at the event. Big thanks go out to Professor Lampreia, Kamikazee, Cabelo de Fogo, Estilo, Erin-Neginha, Graduada Formiguinha and Graduado Bronx for making time to support out youth in Capoeira. You can check out Capoeira Arts in our Physical Education classes and after-school on Mondays and Thursdays! Video is coming soon to the NDHS Blog!


Students did a great job selling their products at the Labor of Love Marketplace!

Friday, February 08, 2008


Students are busy making their products, advertising, and point of purchase displays for the show on the 14th. Come with your design dollars ready to spend!


Students toured the show UNMONUMENTAL at the New Museum of Contemporary Art as part of our INTERSESSION classes.


Art in General and NDHS will be working together to produce a school store. Based on the work of Fawn Krieger, the school store will be mobile and sell products designed by students.


In January we had 3 days of faculty designed classes that focused on interdisciplinary instruction. We offered classes such as Bike Krafting, T-Shirt Re- Construction, and Cheffery.

G-Class at New Museum

A group of our seniors will be having design class once a week at the New Museum of Contemporary Art. The class will examine the topic of neighborhood through the lense of art and design.


Ben and Alice show off their students' creation....SEAMS OF THE LOWER EAST SIDE. Done in conjunction with the Tenement Museum, the mural is for their new space!