Friday, February 15, 2008

Ginga Mundo Capoeira: New Design Labor of Love

Labor of Love opened with our amazing Capoeira Arts program! Professor Lampreia and students of Ginga Mundo helped support and raise awareness about the art and history of Capoeira. Students from New Design High School, Essex Street Academy and Bronx International High School celebrated their love of the Brazilian martial art by performing at the event. Big thanks go out to Professor Lampreia, Kamikazee, Cabelo de Fogo, Estilo, Erin-Neginha, Graduada Formiguinha and Graduado Bronx for making time to support out youth in Capoeira. You can check out Capoeira Arts in our Physical Education classes and after-school on Mondays and Thursdays! Video is coming soon to the NDHS Blog!

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