Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Artist Ashram - NDHS Intersession - NEW MUSIC

Artist Ashram is a haven for free creative expression and a place of artistic study and practice. During NDHS Intersession, Jesse Johnson took 20 students to an open art space in Williamsburg to explore creative writing, painting and drawing, and improvisational music and dance. Each day students both studied specific fields of art and had time to freely explore and express using what they knew and learned.
Srikalogy offered a workshop in music production and assisted the whole group in collectively writing and recording this track. The group was so inspired we shot a music video! Enjoy the song; the music video is on its way.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


New Design just completed intersession.  This year courses took place between third and fourth quarters.  Intersession courses focus on placing students in vigorous learning environments in order to further promote students' developmental growth.  New Design is the only high school in New York City that has a developmental overview.  The overview informs the work we do with students so that they receive the best education in order grow their social, emotional and intellectual sides.  New Design was founded in the belief that adolescents need a holistically grounded education in order to develop the skills and capacities needed to design their own lives.  What does that mean for intersession?  It means that for four days students  might be visiting college campuses around the area, exploring the ins and outs of the chess world in the West Village, visiting parks around the city, completing their art portfolios for college applications or performing in a student written play.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Take a Pop for the Shop

The New Design Pop Up Shop and its Products have been designed, hand crafted, and made by our very own students at New Design. With this shop, we want to grab the attention of many people who live in the LES and offer our products that reflect their ideas and lifestyles. Our vision is to have as many people come out to support us, students and young designers alike. Our designs are very vibrant, adventurous, urban, and authentic just like us. These are the same vibes we hope to establish in our store. We value the beauty within the LES, and the styles there that is to offer. Being from this community, our student's designs are just right. They are not out of your average commercial store, but out of your creativity, thriving from your imagination.

Congrats to the Design Department for securing $9000 in financial support for the Pop-Up Shop.  The funding came from the Seward Park Alumni and Operation Design.  The Pop-Up Shop opens in the Lost Weekend NYC coffee shop on May 14th.  You can follow all of the news on the Pop-Up Shop on the New Design Pop Up Shop Twitter site. 

Big Buddies, Little Buddies

The New Design High School Big Buddies, Little Buddies Program at New Design Middle School got off to a great start last week during intersession.  15 NDHS students partnered up with 15 NDMS students up in Harlem.  NDMS opened this year with a 6th grade and will grow to be 6-8 grades in the next few years.  

Vote for our project on JUMO and we could win $500 to put towards our continued work with the littles at New Design Middle School!  The program is being led by Urban Arts Partnerships HUB Program at the school.  To learn more about New Design Middle check out their website