Thursday, March 10, 2011


New Design High School Class of 2011 Senior Trip Information

Travel Date: Friday, March 11, 2011

Seniors should report to the cafeteria on Friday, March 11th by 9:30am.

**Seniors will not be allowed to attend until they have completed the mandatory bag check, have turned in all medical release documents and paid off or turned in library books!

Pinegrove Ranch is located at 30 Cherrytown Road Kerhonkson, NY 12446 • 1.800.346.4626

Students that are late in the morning to bag check MAY BE LEFT BEHIND!! Please be on time!

MAKE GOOD CHOICES: All NYC Chancellors regulations will be in effect during SENIOR TRIP. Students that are found with any alcohol or other substances will jeopardize their attendance to the senior trip, June graduation and may receive a superintendent suspension. So please, MAKE GOOD CHOICES.

Lead chaperones will be Sarah Baltazar and Danilo Martinez of New Design High School along with other staff members.

Sarah's emergency contact cell phone: 917-386-7572

Students may be reached by their own cell phones, via Sarah or via the reception desk at Pinegrove Ranch.

Additional Activities: $30 paint ball, $6-20 optional photo purchases

For any other questions please contact New Design at 212.475.4148.

G*R*A*D*U*A*T*I*O*N ******IS*******C*O*M*I*N*G!!!!


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Healthy 12th Grade YELC Girls

During the first week of February our 12th grade female Youth Empowerment Leadership Community (YELC) participated in the 2nd Annual Health & Wellness Intersession program. YELC is part of the leadership intern program with our friends at Community of Unity.

This year’s YELC program was called, “Feeding your Mind, Body, and Soul.” and was a celebratory three days away from school, honoring our Young Women in their final year of High School. Each day was filled with learning, personal challenges, and so much laughter. The amazing program included juice and raw food tastings at Organic Avenue, a visit to Georgia Salon for an inter-generational conversation on beauty, hair, and self-care, and a soulful day of healthy cooking and group reflection.

What really interested me was our day focused on the Body,” writes YELC member Juanise Allen. “We spent the beginning of each day at Organic Avenue, where we talked about the importance of what goes into our body. We tasted juices that Organic Avenue offered (Grapefruit & Vegetable juice). Immediately, my body reacted and I felt completely refreshed. Having this experience really influenced me to be more cautious of what goes into my body.”

This program was another milestone in our on-going commitment to providing opportunities for our youth to explore and embrace their own health and wellness, and to make good choices that will empower them to follow their dreams and live their Song.

Special thanks to our generous partners at Georgia Salon & Organic Avenue for hosting the girls and making everything so special and so real. Additional thanks to the CofU Board of Directors , Jason & Marisa Zullin, and Audrey Orell for so generously opening her home to us once again!