Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Bridge for the ESI Boys

 On July 8-19, 2013 ESA and NDHS joined ESI programs for our first ever Summer Bridge, and it was amazing! Between the 2 schools we had 30 boys who worked collaboratively on math and literacy projects that they presented in a gallery walkthrough on the last day. For the event there was also a rooftop bbq (100 degrees couldn't stop it!) complete with a water fight (staff vs. students) and a keynote speaker from Monroe College. Speaking of college, we visited Monroe, Hunter and Brooklyn Colleges over the two weeks. The boys bonded at a two-day Outward Bound where they built the tallest structures possible, tossed eggs off the side of the building, maneuvered through obstacles blind-folded, battled through song and countless other mind-boggling challenges. Every boy in the program said they were happy they participated and are excited about the start of their high school careers. They're a great group with sense of humor, style, smarts and a ton of personality, and they're definitely going to enhance the NDHS community. Welcome ESI boys! 

A huge THANK YOU to the NDHS Summer Bridge staff: Nicole, Jody, The Michaels -- and May, Kizzy, Shadiq, Dani, and Kwan. What an awesome staff to work with, even on the hottest days of July!  

Too Fly New Design

A lovely new addition to the NDHS wall near was added this year.  World famous graffiti artist, TOOFLY, worked with students ranging from 9th to 12th grade to create a student-driven mural to add some flavor to our school walls.  We are super proud of all the students who participated.  Design teachers, if you would like to give them extra credit, it would be well deserved.  Please congratulate the following youth for participating if you see them this week:

Zaria R, Liz L, Charlyn C, Tamia H, Ni Z, Kevin P, Nate A, Ixzel S, Michael May, Faith Rivera, Jennifer Perez V, Tyshawn J, Querina C, Dante W and Janiella F

Monday, July 01, 2013

Bling Bling Hello New Design

Bling Bling Hello recently created custom phone cases in collaboration with the kids of New Design High School. Together with design teacher, Julie Zenobi, they designed and sold their one-of-a-kind cases at NDHS pop up shop! All proceeds went to the high school so they can keep making wonderful designs. This internship experience helped create real world problem solving skills the realm of creativity and bling!

Tretorn Loves New Design and New Design Loves Tretorn

Tretorn stopped by one of Julie Z's Textile and Fashion Design Classes and dropped off 25 of their classic Nylite canvas shoes.  The Tretorn Nylite women's canvas tennis shoe, born in 1964, is regarded as the first luxury sports shoe. Worn by Bj√∂rn Borg in the era when tennis stars made rock stars blush, and immortalized by 1980's The Official Preppy Handbook, the Nylite epitomizes Swedish minimalism, making it a favorite for nearly 50 years.  New Designers had a week to add their flavor to the classic shoes.  Check out 10th grade Ana Q's version above. 

New Design and August Wilson

NDHS Theater Students recorded two of August Wilson most powerful dramas--The Piano Lesson and Fences--as a radio play, using sound equipment recently purchased for the school. 

"Berta Berta" is a chain-gang song from the 1930's and centerpiece for much of Wilson's work. It is performed by Block F students under the direction of Jamie Price.This is followed by a dialogue from The Piano Lesson, featuring Shayla Hall as Berniece and Marcus Omowale as her suitor, Avery Brown.

Each student received a copy of their own recording for posterity. "It's an amazing tool for instruction" says teacher Avram Kline of the new equipment. "It allows students to assess voice and expressiveness. I'm planning to record each of my freshmen reading from their essays--it may do much to improve their writing." 

Listen to Berta, Berta

Listen to Piano Lesson