Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Billy Rohan on NDHS Skate Program!

HBTV: Scholastic Survey with jeffstaple - Billy Rohan from HBTV on Vimeo.

"Education is undoubtedly a foundation of any culture and society. The very success of society hinges on a proper reinforcement that engages the people in acquiring and disseminating knowledge. Sharing a common interest in the continued focus on bringing education and learning to the forefront, HBTV and jeffstaple of Staple Design are partnering to create a new series titled Scholastic Survey which consists of online episodes exploring the importance and necessity of placing our best interests in education. In a time and place where education has been relegated to the back burner amidst budgetary cuts and misdirected spending in the United States, now more then ever is a time to look into the unrepairable damage that comes with an uneducated society."

Check more at Scholastic Survey with Billy Rohan!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Senior Mentor Program

Following last year's success the iDESIGN program has launched the 2011-2012 Senior Mentor program. iDESIGN is a school-based leadership program of Urban Arts Partnership that aims to boost school engagement among 9th and 10th grade NDHS students who have struggled with attendance in the past. Seniors are paired with younger iDESIGN students, offering academic and emotional support during group and individual meetings. This year groups will be taking trips and going on school lunches to encourage a positive and open environment. Pictured above are mentors and mentees at the iDESIGN kick-off luncheon held in October.