Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Bridge for the ESI Boys

 On July 8-19, 2013 ESA and NDHS joined ESI programs for our first ever Summer Bridge, and it was amazing! Between the 2 schools we had 30 boys who worked collaboratively on math and literacy projects that they presented in a gallery walkthrough on the last day. For the event there was also a rooftop bbq (100 degrees couldn't stop it!) complete with a water fight (staff vs. students) and a keynote speaker from Monroe College. Speaking of college, we visited Monroe, Hunter and Brooklyn Colleges over the two weeks. The boys bonded at a two-day Outward Bound where they built the tallest structures possible, tossed eggs off the side of the building, maneuvered through obstacles blind-folded, battled through song and countless other mind-boggling challenges. Every boy in the program said they were happy they participated and are excited about the start of their high school careers. They're a great group with sense of humor, style, smarts and a ton of personality, and they're definitely going to enhance the NDHS community. Welcome ESI boys! 

A huge THANK YOU to the NDHS Summer Bridge staff: Nicole, Jody, The Michaels -- and May, Kizzy, Shadiq, Dani, and Kwan. What an awesome staff to work with, even on the hottest days of July!  

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