Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Take a Pop for the Shop

The New Design Pop Up Shop and its Products have been designed, hand crafted, and made by our very own students at New Design. With this shop, we want to grab the attention of many people who live in the LES and offer our products that reflect their ideas and lifestyles. Our vision is to have as many people come out to support us, students and young designers alike. Our designs are very vibrant, adventurous, urban, and authentic just like us. These are the same vibes we hope to establish in our store. We value the beauty within the LES, and the styles there that is to offer. Being from this community, our student's designs are just right. They are not out of your average commercial store, but out of your creativity, thriving from your imagination.

Congrats to the Design Department for securing $9000 in financial support for the Pop-Up Shop.  The funding came from the Seward Park Alumni and Operation Design.  The Pop-Up Shop opens in the Lost Weekend NYC coffee shop on May 14th.  You can follow all of the news on the Pop-Up Shop on the New Design Pop Up Shop Twitter site. 

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