Wednesday, April 11, 2012


New Design just completed intersession.  This year courses took place between third and fourth quarters.  Intersession courses focus on placing students in vigorous learning environments in order to further promote students' developmental growth.  New Design is the only high school in New York City that has a developmental overview.  The overview informs the work we do with students so that they receive the best education in order grow their social, emotional and intellectual sides.  New Design was founded in the belief that adolescents need a holistically grounded education in order to develop the skills and capacities needed to design their own lives.  What does that mean for intersession?  It means that for four days students  might be visiting college campuses around the area, exploring the ins and outs of the chess world in the West Village, visiting parks around the city, completing their art portfolios for college applications or performing in a student written play.  

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