Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sisterhood and Idesign Camp Ramapo trip

On November 8th little sisters, big sisters and idesign students packed their bags and got ready to go take a hike, make smores and hang out around the camp fire. The camping trip was intended to allow students participating in the idesign program to build relationships and spend quality time together. It went just as planned. Younger students came out of their shells and got to know their mentors better – sharing both laughter and memories.  On their way back from Camp Ramapo, students made a stop at SUNY Binghamton and were taken on a tour lead by all kinds SUNY students: From freshmen through seniors, fraternities and honors students. The idea was to show all sisters and idesign mentors and mentees the true college life and give them a day in the life of a college student. Thanks to the help and support of donors from all around the globe, our trip was a great success.

Cabin at Camp Ramapo 
Moments of laughter 

iDesign Males Mentors and Mentees  

All participating Big and Little Sisters group picture 
Bingmanton Students talking to Ndhs about their experience getting into college and living on campus  
After working together to accomplish a trust game
Big sister and Little sister
Meeting Camp Ramapo staff
Students helping their Sister Hood founders and leaders Sarah Gluck  and Arihana  Allensworth 
Getting ready to help each other climb to the top and conquer their fears in height and trusting others big and little sister 

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