Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Future is Now Family Day

(Pictured Above: NDHS alumni panelists share their college experiences with attendees)

On SaturdayNovember 2nd, New Design hosted the second annual “Future is Now” Family Day. In a collective effort, representatives from New Design, Urban Arts Partnership, the Parent Association, Community of Unity and the Expanded Success Initiative facilitated a series of workshops about preparing for life after high school. Workshops covered topics ranging from the application process, financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Attendees also got a chance to meet with reps from local youth organizations about extracurricular opportunities. The day ended with a panel discussion featuring recent NDHS graduates representing Dowling College, Five Towns College, Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY Purchase, City Tech and Brooklyn College. 

“This is my second child going to college, and I made some mistakes the first time, so all the information is helpful.” – NDHS parent
“This college event is really important because it gives families perspectives from people who have gone to this high school and how their transition to college went.” – Kwan, NDHS graduate
“I received a lot of information about colleges that I didn’t know, like about CUNY and SUNY schools and what they offer and their living options.” – Thermond, NDHS 11th grader
“It’s great that students are getting the preparation early in 9th and 10th grade because it’s a lot to handle in your last two years of high school.  The earlier students get prepared for college – building up their resumes, figuring out what types of colleges they’re interested in and they might want to study – it just helps them to make the transition a whole lot easier.” – Nicole Smith, ESI coordinator
(Photos & interviews by 11th grader, Danielle Lunas)

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