Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Lowline and New Design

Lowline from Mediastorm New Design on Vimeo.

New Design has a new partnership developing with the folks over at the Lowline Project.  The Lowline is a proposed underground park, inspired by the Highline, a block from school in the old Delancey Subway Station.  You can learn more about the project from their Kickstarter Campaign.  Students and staff from New Design and staff from the Lowline worked together during our recent intersession

What's next? Two 10th grade students in the intersession, Tiffany R. and Yeffrey E, have been asked to join the Lowline Team as Youth Ambassadors.  On Saturday, May 4th as part of the New Museum Streetfest.  Tiffany, Yeffrey and the Lowline folks will be setting up setting up an active green space for local artists and the community right above the proposed park space.  Visitors will be able to relax, ponder the possibilities of the pedestrian plaza, and provide ideas for the future Lowline park underground.  Ideas will be visually displayed to create a growing wall that beautifully displays the community's thoughts, views and opinions.  Check out a draft of the video made by New Design students from the intersession who were checking out local parks to help the Lowline project understand.  Be careful.  Teenagers have a hard time making choices so the video is 14 minutes so far.  Some cuts will need to be made to get it to under 5 minutes.  

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