Friday, April 19, 2013

Dr. Phil Joins Dr. Jody and Dr. Scott

Dr. Phil with Japheth Wood, Mathematics Faculty, Bard College
Phil D. is our original math teacher at New Design High.  He was one of our founders ten years ago when New Design opened.  He is also a Math for America Master Teacher.  Phil recently finished his doctorate at Columbia University in math.  It is not only impressive that he completed a doctoral program from Columbia University, but he did it while teaching full time.  Phil's dissertation focused on determining the extent to which the modeling of deductive reasoning and proof-type thinking occurs in a students first Algebra course in the United States.  There are many in the field that believe that proof is the “major distinguishing component” of mathematics and that its essence is the essence of math.  Alarmingly, Dr. Phil concluded from his research that students may have difficulty identifying, generating and comprehending proof and engaging in deductive reasoning because they do not have enough models and examples of such reasoning in their mathematics instruction.  

Dr. Jody of New Design and Hunter College
Dr. Phil is our third staff member to receive a doctorate degree joining Dr. Jody and founding principal Dr. Scott who graduated from Teachers College Columbia University.  Dr. Jody is our Literacy Intervention Specialist.  She is full time Assistant Professor in Adolescent Literacy at Hunter College.  Jody began her work with urban youth in 1994 when she was a counselor for runaway teenagers in Washington, D.C. In 1999, she received her Master’s degree in English education and worked as a high school reading and English teacher in a dropout prevention program. In 2002, she was awarded National Board Certification, and in 2003, she received a fellowship to New York University where she completed her doctoral degree in English education. Her research focuses on urban adolescents and their experiences in student-led book clubs, as well as culturally responsive instruction in English language arts classrooms.

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