Friday, April 19, 2013

Ramona, Copper Union and Design Your Future

Horse by Ramona
Strategospy Study 
Newspaper Study 
Cooper Union will be welcoming their second New Design student next year.  Senior Ramona G. just received notice that she was accepted into the school.  This is no ordinary feat.  US News and World Report ranked the school the seventh hardest school in the nation to get into.  Harder than Yale, Princeton, Brown, MIT and Dartmouth.  In fact, only 7.7% of applicants get accepted.  The school, located right up the street from New Design, was founded by inventor and philanthropist Peter Cooper in 1859.  Since it founding the college admits undergraduates solely on merit and awards full scholarships to all students.  Super proud of her and all the New Design seniors.  

All New Design graduates for the last two years have been accepted to one or more colleges.  How did we do it?  There are many reasons but one of the main is our partnership with our Community of Unity (CoU) to run our college and career programs.  The Design Your Future Program was founded at New Design High School and continues to evolve to make sure all New Design students are college and career ready.  See more below about CoU.  By the way, all the beautiful students in the video are New Designers.

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