Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sojourn to the Past: Our students journey through Civil Rights

For 10 days, seven New Design students and two teachers toured the South on an interactive Civil Rights Movement filed trip, with an organization called Sojourn to the Past. We visited landmarks, museums and memorials to the movement while engaging in detailed lessons on the places and people we would encounter along our journey. We followed in the footsteps of Civil Rights activists and marched over the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, which was the scene of violent reaction to peaceful voting rights protests in 1965. Elizabeth Eckford and Minnijean Brown, from The Little Rock Nine, both spoke to us about their brave struggle to integrate Central High School in 1957. Rev. Billy Kyles, who was with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for the last hour of his life, spent an afternoon with us and inspired us all with his vision of hope and his belief in the power of dreams. As a result of our intensive expedition, our students have started an action committee to address and endeavor to end racist and derogatory language here at New Design High School. We hope to continue to take students on this amazing trip each year.

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