Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Health & Wellness: Stretching Class

New Design High School endorses a philosophy that the key to health is the quality of one's lifestyle, which has physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects. Therefore, the aim of the health and physical education program is to promote health and wellness through the acquisition of skills and knowledge that can be integrated into a holistic lifestyle.

Stretching & Breathing by Kate from SANCTUARY IN SCHOOLS
Stretching and breathing uses various postures to strengthen and maintain the health of the spine and back muscles. Special attention is provided to increase flexibility in tight and restricted muscles and joints that inhibit the use of the spine and back. Students will learn appropriate alignment for basic seated and standing poses, including inversions. Classes are structured cumulatively to learn to something new as the class progresses.

Breathing techniques will be taught to students during their stretching practices to help them relieve stress, anxiety and or muscular tension.

Stay tuned for information regarding SANCTUARY IN SCHOOLS and NEW DESIGN'S WELLNESS FUNDRAISER coming soon this SPRING.

To make donations to our health and wellness programs, please email sbaltazar@schools.nyc.gov

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