Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Sisterhood Mentor Program

iDESIGN launched the Sisterhood Program in the Fall. The all girl peer mentoring program provides 11th and 12th grade "Big Sisters" with the opportunity to mentor incoming 9th grade girls ("Little Sisters"). This group of 25 dedicated Big Sisters support new students in navigating their first year of high school. Big Sisters do this through attending weekly lunch groups with younger girls to discuss college, academics and the social aspects of high school. Additionally, Big Sisters support iDESIGN through tutoring, organizing field trips, leading fundraising efforts and role modeling for the younger girls. Each Big Sister participated in a mentor training in the fall which focused on youth development, group theory and building trust with teens. The program is a space for upper class-men to reflect upon their high school journey and have a supportive network of young women in the school.

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