Monday, April 04, 2011

I Design

A Minute With Sammy, New Design High School - iDesign 2014 from Urban Arts Partnership on Vimeo.

Spend "A Minute With" New Design High School Freshman, Samuel Fermin. Sammy is enrolled in the iDesign program, an Attendance Improvement/Drop-Out Prevention initiative offered by Urban Arts Partnership in partnership with New Design and funded through a grant with the United Way. Coordinators Ariana Allensworth and Sarah Gluck work one-on-one and in groups with iDesign students to monitor their attendance, encourage their academics, and offer support in innumerable ways. Afterschool arts programs, including photography and poetry, play a large role in the program. Through these art forms, the students explore and share their individual viewpoints, increasing their ownership of their own education. In this "A Minute With," Sammy explains how iDesign is keeping him on track to graduate and empowering him to "design" his own life.

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