Thursday, October 16, 2008

Big Brother Big Sisters: Mentoring Kick-Off!

New Design is happy to launch year 2 of our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC (BBBS) with a group of our 10th grade girls and Devries Public Relations Firm in Manhattan, New York.

Last spring NDHS piloted the program and were fortunate enough to be matched with Devries PR Firm, the Big Sisters are highly dedicated, professional and have built great relationships with our young women ( the littles!). We are so honored by their commitment of both the Bigs and our Littles.

About BBBS: The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City is to provide mentors to all children who need caringadult role models - special friends who can help expandtheir horizons, realize their potential and enrichtheir futures - changing their lives. For more information check out

About Devries: Please check out their site at

We are super proud of our participants! Thank you Juanise, Monique, Toni, Tamika, Rosie, Deanna, Tanesha, Nora, Melanie, Samantha and Paige!

Stay tuned for our 9th grade BBBS launch next week!

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